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What does The Wanderlust Bar provide?
We provide wine and champagne glassware for up to 100, barware needed for drink and cocktail making, ice for service, 3 door beer chiller, wine fridge, hydration station with water dispensers and glassware, personalised menu, we include styling touches like candles, crystals, plants and native flowers.

Do you have power and lighting?

Yes we have x2 cages interior lanterns giving a warm glow to the horse float.

Power, we require one outlet if there is no access to power we can arrange a generator. There could be an additional cost please discuss at the time of booking.

Can you provide a coolroom?
Yes we have a coolroom which we recommend adding it on for celebrations over 100 people
or where you can not prechill your drinks prior to the event.

How long is bump in and out?
We like to arrive at least 1-1.5 hours before bar service commences, or the day before which can be arranged prior. Bump out is approx one hour.
Bump in and out is on our time not yours and is not included in your package time

Do you need access to water?

Yes access to water is needed for us to wash glassware. If there are no taps please let us know at the time of booking

Can you help with drink predictions?

Yes for sure, we always air on the heavier side of allowances so you dont run out but we are happy to help

What drinks do you serve?

Beer, wine, cider, champagne, soft drink, spirits and cocktails. We also offer a complimentary hydration station with all packages to ensure water is available to guests

Whats your experience? Can you mix a drink?

As owners combined, we have over 30 years experience within the hospitality industry.

Experience ranging from owning and operating a food truck business, bartenders at some of Melbournes iconic venues, bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants & hotels.

Whiskey and wine are our hobbies

Do all of your staff have their RSA?

Yes our bunch of friendly legends all have their RSA and experienced in all aspects of bartending and service of alcohol

Do you have Public Liability?

Yes, we do

Where are you based and what areas of Melbourne do you travel to?
We are located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and situated on the doorstep of the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula. A 50km radius from Wantirna is included in all packages, we are happy to travel as our name suggests
please note additional travel charges apply

What do you mean by BYO?
You supply your own drinks and The Wanderlust Bar serves them through the horse float bar.

What are the dimensions of the horse float?

The Horse float is a double float, size requirements are

3.9mL (inc towbar) x 2.5mH x 2.2mW

With the service window on the drivers side, we will need an area that we can drive into, unhook and take the car off that is clear of overhanging cables and branches and the land is as flat as possible and easy access to enter and exit. 

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